Guardianship Lawyers in Jonesboro

What is a Guardianship?

When guardianship is granted, a family law court grants an individual either temporary or permanent custody over another, often a child. Unfortunately, there are situations where parents are either unable or unwilling to care for their children. When this occurs, the legal system is tasked with the responsibility of protecting the child and ensuring that he or she has proper care.

How Can I Apply for Guardianship?

In order to be qualified as a guardian, the state of Arkansas mandates that you must be a resident of the state, over the age of 18, of sound mind, and have not been convicted of an unpardoned felon. While it is not a legal requirement, guardians are typically related to the child, such as a grandparent or sibling.

Some common reasons to establish a guardianship include:

  • A parent who has a severe physical or mental impairment
  • A parent has passed away
  • A parent is incarcerated
  • A parent has abandoned their child
  • A parent has abused their child
  • A parent has failed to properly care for their child
  • A parent is constantly impaired by the use of drugs or alcohol

Keeping a Child's Best Interests in Mind

At Ford & Cook, PLC, we take a great amount of pride in serving guardians with legal representation in court and will do everything in our power to make sure that children obtain the loving care that they need and deserve. Our priority is keeping the families together when parents fail, if possible, which is essential for maintaining and protecting our communities. While many times proceedings run smoothly, others are contested and become an emotional and difficult struggle. No matter the situation, our team of family law attorneys will be at your side fighting for the outcome that will suit the best interests of your child.

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