Our Philosophy

At Ford & Cook, PLC, We Believe in Your Safety

Our dedicated Jonesboro attorneys believe that laws are in place to help keep us safe. If these rules are followed and enforced, citizens are guaranteed some measure of protection from harm. Attorney Paul Ford and Attorney Bryce Cook's focus is on helping maintain the safety of our communities by ensuring that the laws are upheld in and out of court. Whether it be a family matter, a major criminal offense, or a personal injury matter, our Jonesboro Criminal Defense Attorneys can assist you.

Whether by trial or settlement, lawyers at Ford & Cook, PLC believe that by helping to protect and enforce your rights, our communities are safer. Contact us today to learn more.

Community Involvement

Our society also plays a big role in protecting our safety. Members of the community make up juries who enforce the rules and laws that keep us from being harmed. At Ford & Cook, PLC, we believe in your constitutional right to a trial and fight to protect that right.

Lawyers must work hard to know how to effectively try a case in court, a skill that is not taught in law school, but rather through hard work and continued practice. As a result of this belief, we have dedicated our practice to obtaining the cutting edge trial skill needed to be successful in the courtroom.

In addition to this, our lawyers offer:

  • Recognition as leaders in trial innovation
  • Successful representation in criminal trials, including 7 capital murder cases
  • Dedication to protecting our client's rights, no matter what their case
  • Multiple awards and exclusive memberships in many organizations
  • Founding member of the Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Board member of the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association

Trust Our Experience

We are prepared to go to court to defend your case. We approach every trial with the belief that our adversaries in the courtroom know that we are ready, willing, and able to prevail with our defense. This philosophy has often resulted in top dollar settlements and many favorable outcomes.