Hurt in a Bicycle Accident?

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Bicycling has become a healthy and environmentally friendly way for countless commuters all over the country to get around. With this new popularity, however, some drivers have struggled to incorporate bike traffic into motor vehicle traffic and many bicyclists have been hurt due to irresponsible actions.

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How Bicyclists End Up Injured

Too many motorists either believe that they deserve precedence over bicyclists or outright forget to incorporate bicyclists in their vigilance for other travelers on the road. When this happens, bicyclists can be directly exposed to serious and even catastrophic impacts that can lead to life-altering trauma.

Common driver actions that lead to bicycle accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Drunk (or drugged) driving
  • Distracted driving due to smartphones
  • Drift into bicycle lanes (or road shoulders)
  • Taking a turn at an intersection without looking
  • Exiting a vehicle without looking (door injuries)
  • Improperly signaling a lane change or turn

If you believe that one of these behaviors contributed to your bicycle accident injury, then call us at Ford & Cook, PLC today. Our team knows how to determine any wrongdoing and craft an injury suit that compellingly makes the case for both accountability and proper compensation for the victim.

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