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California Doctor Found Guilty of Murder

While medical malpractice cases happen with some degree of frequency, it’s very rare to see murder charges filed against doctors. In a bizarre case from Los Angeles, a physician has been convicted of second-degree murder after killing at least 3 patients with an excessive amount of prescription medication.

Many medical malpractice incidents are characterized by negligence or a lack of care on the part of a physician, but this case is somewhat unique given the doctor’s blatant disregard for the lives and well-being of her patients.

A Wanton Disregard for Patient Safety

Prosecutors only filed three murder charges, even though at least 12 of the doctor’s patients have died. This is because the other cases all involved other factors, including prescriptions from other doctors. However, the Deputy District Attorney in the case was able to prove that she wrote prescriptions for "crazy, outrageous amounts of medication" that the patients had no need for.

Proving a Civil Suit

The doctor yielded her license to practice back in 2012, and has reached settlements with several victims’ families in their civil cases. To prove that her negligent actions contributed to the patient deaths, personal injury attorneys would have first been required to establish that the patients actually were treated by the doctor. The presence of a prescription, along with other medical documentation, would likely have been plenty to prove this relationship.

Next, the attorneys would have needed to prove that she was negligent in her actions when she prescribed excessive amounts of medication. This would be done with the assistance of medical experts, who can establish the standard of care given the unique circumstances of each case.

Finally, the attorneys would need to prove that the negligent action of over-prescribing led to the death of the patient. In this case, giving the patients access to copious amounts of highly-addictive medication clearly led to them overdosing and ultimately passing away.

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