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What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Following an accident, it is natural for injury victims to feel wronged, angry, and helpless. These emotions can sometimes make a victim want to take legal action as soon as possible but, in many cases, it is up to their injury counsel to stay their urgency and wait for something called maximum medical improvement, or MMI.

What is MMI?

Maximum medical improvement is the point at which doctors have determined that an accident victim will improve no further from their injuries. In many cases, this means that the injury victim has made a full recovery.

In other cases, MMI means that the injury victim's recovery has plateaued and they will still continue to suffer certain effects or disabilities due to their accident. This is especially common following catastrophic injuries like traumatic brain injuries, serious burns, or spinal cord injuries.

Why is it important?

Determining MMI is important because it allows counsel and medical professionals to work together to reasonably calculate the full scope of the victim's post-accident costs (such as medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, etc.). For those suffering lasting or permanent effects, this means forecasting ongoing care and bringing the full cost of that care to the parties responsible for the accident.

The Dangers of Filing Too Early

To demonstrate why MMI is so critical, let's take an example of "Abby," a medical technician that was hurt when a motorist struck her at a crosswalk while she was jogging. Abby's medical bills were initially minor and she was able to file an injury suit for the costs related to her emergency care and her painkiller prescription.

However, Abby continued to suffer debilitating headaches, fatigue and had trouble focusing. She was later diagnosed with a concussion and had to miss weeks of work to properly recover. This is the point where Abby has hit maximum medical improvement-- but because she filed an injury suit directly after her accident, the full scope of her medical care and lost wages were not part of her initial suit.

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