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How Our Firm's Philosophy Helps Your Claim

When you bring your claim to The Law Office of Paul Ford, our Jonesboro lawyers will treat you different. Unlike other law firms which assign a number to your case and see it through to the finish in order to collect a paycheck, our firm believes that your success and satisfaction is the most important aspect of the entire process. After all, you come to with an issue that directly impacts your life and your well-being, and you need our assistance in order to seek it.

So whether you are facing criminal charges, a family law matter, or have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, our firm believes that you should be placed first in your case, and the protection of your rights should be made the primary goal. As a result, we take a stance that strongly encourages extensive communication, exceptional service, and knowledgeable representation.

“Protecting Us All”

Laws have a place in society. While many people see them as nothing more than rules designed to prevent us from doing things, we believe that they exist to protect us and keep us safe from harm.

For example, criminal law exists to prosecute those who would do you harm, such as burglarize your home or threaten your life with a deadly weapon. Family law exists to protect your well-being and the well-being of your children in the event of a divorce, or to protect your rights to your property when it comes time to divide it. Injury laws exist to protect the rights of individuals who are injured by the negligence of another, and ensure they are properly compensated in order to receive the care and treatment they need.

We believe that lawyers exist to protect individuals and their rights by enforcing these laws. As a result, we work to help society remain safer by making sure the laws are followed at every available opportunity.

At The Law Office of Paul Ford, we are ready and prepared to go to court in order to protect your rights. We firmly believe each case deserves high-quality representation from a skilled attorney who recognizes the importance their case has on their clients’ lives. We are dedicated to helping you seek the best possible outcome to your case, and providing you with strong, compassionate representation to tirelessly pursue the justice you are entitled to. Whether you have been injured by the actions of another, are facing criminal charges, or need assistance with a family law issue, you can trust that the attorney at our firm will strive to protect you and your rights to the best of our ability.

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