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Tips to Survive Your Work Day During Divorce

A divorce is never easy, and will likely have a lasting emotional burden that could very easily bleed over into other aspects of your life too. Very few people have the luxury of being able to take time off of work to deal with their divorce, so it is likely that you will have more than a few days where your mind may not be all-there while you’re at the office. When getting out of bed and going to work feels like a daunting task, here are some tips for helping you get through the day successfully.

Have a Plan

Not preparing for the challenges that lie ahead of you can make getting through the day exponentially more difficult. It’s best to think about what you will likely have to face, and then develop a strategy for getting through these tasks.

Clear Your Desk & Your Mind

A cluttered desk can exacerbate feelings of depression and sadness, particularly if your desk is covered in pictures of you and your ex on family vacations, or in happier moments. Take a moment to stop and organize your workspace; doing so can help you get a fresh start on your tasks and re-focus on your job at hand. Likewise, eliminating sadness-inducing reminders of your ex can help you work more productively with less distraction.

Block Out Incoming Messages

You’ll likely get a lot of messages during your divorce with updates and requests from lawyers, the court, and more. Reading these emails can lead to more stress, more distraction, and could even ruin your day if they carry particularly grim news. The best way to prevent his from happening is to simply not read or receive these messages until after your workday is done. In fact, turn your cell phone off and put it away completely you’re done with work for the day and ready to deal with the proceedings without it impacting your job.

Find a Quick Mood Booster

Work will undoubtedly add stress to your already stressful life, so find something that you can use as a quick mood booster when you find yourself becoming overwhelmed. Is it a YouTube or Facebook video of a cat? Go for it. What about a music playlist or favorite podcast that will cheer you up? Fire it up and plug in your headphones! These simple little things can go a long way towards helping you improve your mood and refocus when everything gets overwhelming.

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