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Tips for Driving in the Sun

We all know what it is like to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and suddenly get blasted by intense and blinding sunlight. This is usually referred to as “sun glare” and can be incredibly dangerous since it limits a driver’s visibility. Of course, these perilous moments are unavoidable, so your best option is to learn how to safely and effectively navigate them.

Here are some tips for driving in the sun and reducing the effects of sun glare:

  • Use your car’s visors: Most, if not all, vehicles have sun visors in the driver and passenger sides, which can be adjusted. These are your first line of defense against the sun and often do a fine job of shielding you from dangerous glares. You can also switch them from front to side visors, depending on the angle at which the sunlight is hitting you. It will not increase road visibility, but it can effectively block the sun from your eyes.
  • Keep your windshield clean: When sun glares hit a dirty windshield, your visibility can be decreased significantly. A smudge or dirt buildup can suddenly make your windshield seem opaque. Keeping your windshield and windows clean is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a safety must.
  • Wear sunglasses: Before you go out and buy any pair of sunglasses, be sure you look for a pair with polarized lenses, which are able to diminish the intensity of the sun’s glare. Keep them in a place that is easy to access to avoid fiddling around in your car to search for them, which can be distracting and cause an accident.
  • Reduce your speed and back off: Anytime you are driving in conditions that are not optimum or might affect your reaction time it is a good idea to slow down and keep a greater distance between you and the car ahead of you. If you are being impacted by the sun glare, so are the other drivers around you, which means they might brake suddenly. If you are following the driver in front of you too closely and he or she brakes unexpectedly, you will likely get involved in an accident.
  • Keep your dashboard clean: Just as sun glare can make a dirty windshield even worse, so can clutter on your dashboard, making it even more difficult to see. Keep this area clean and clear at all times.
  • Use your headlights and taillights: By using your headlights and taillights, you might be able to make it easier for other drivers around you to see.

Ultimately, the sun’s glare is one more thing you cannot control on the road. That said, it does not mean we cannot all take the proper safety precautions to ensure a safer commute.

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