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As watchdogs of the law, we have an integral role in maintaining the safety of the community.

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At Ford & Cook, PLC, we have a 30-year history of fighting for the rights that protect us all.

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Ford & Cook, PLC: Enforcing the Rules, Protecting Us All

With thousands of practicing attorneys in the state of Arkansas alone, lawyers seem to be everywhere these days. They’re featured on television, present on social media, and posted on billboards, just to name a few. Due to the visibility of lawyers, their firms, and their campaigns, people tend to pay attention to the few characteristics that only seem to make an attorney great.

At Ford & Cook, PLC, we strive to focus on what really matters: the needs of our clients. We focus on being there to help our clients and their families during their time of need. Most importantly, we focus on providing help, protection, answers, and direction when it feels as though even the most prevalent of attorneys have turned against them.

Whether you have been injured or arrested, or are in danger of losing your home or are ending your marriage, we are here to help. As tenacious watchdogs of your constitutional rights, we take our duty as being your legal counselors seriously.

"We believe there are rules that regulate just about every aspect of our lives. When we think about it, these rules are really safety rules.”

At Ford & Cook, we are here to help protect your rights. We look forward to the honor of helping you at this difficult time in your life. It’s your future on the line, but you can make the call that could help reclaim control over the unexpected so you can move on with your life in the most positive and effective manner possible.

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Why do clients choose Ford & Cook, PLC?

  • 100% success rate for capital murder cases
  • Decades of combined legal experience
  • Staunch advocates for justice
  • Committed to serving the community
  • Personalized attention for every client

Whether an attorney boasts years of experience or countless awards, these types of accomplishments can make a lawyer look exceptional on paper. When you truly peel away these layers, however, are you left with an attorney who actually cares about your well-being?

Unfortunately, people are left with the reality that not all lawyers are created equal. Don't let this happen to you.

The legal services we offer are focused on four areas of your life: YOUR health, YOUR freedom, YOUR family, and YOUR home. We have dedicated our careers to helping people in these four areas based on our own personal experience that brought us to the realization that if we really want to help people and make a difference in their lives, this is where the help is needed.